What Others Say About Us


Perfect! A thorough intro. Ken’s care, thoughtfulness, presentation and presence created a supportive environment and made learning enjoyable, highly therapeutic, easy. Joel C. NY

Amazing! Wonderfully choreographed, attention to making sacred space. So much more than I’d hoped. Ken is wonderful, calm, humorous. Jess R. Social Service, Rosendale, NY

My expectations are high and it was great! Especially teaching how to perform the flow in ways healthy for the practitioner. Denise D. L.M.T. MA

Ken is calm, caring, dedicated. You really walk your talk. Your genuine-ness is a gift. Catherine C. L.M.T VT

Amazing! Today, at work, I realized how powerfully the massage has corrected my posture. I’m doing normal working things and I have a more heightened awareness, a certain clarity in thinking—feeling awesome, relaxed, a great transformation. I’m enlightened and wish to continue this process. Thanks for sharing your views and methods. I’m a convert. I don’t want to forget what I just learned. I’ll sign on for more. I get it now! –Tad M., Contractor, S. Londonderry, VT

Organized beautifully! We learned so much in a short time. I came to decide if I wanted bodywork to be my profession and I gained the knowledge to say yes, and that has definitely changed my life. Thank you so much. Johanna Etzel CT

Ken is an awesome, knowledgeable instructor, very compassionate, a warm sense of humor. Denise K. yoga teacher/bodyworker Grand Rapids MI