Two 4-day (or 5-day) basic intensive courses are required

Basic intensive courses may be taken in any order. Each basic course is a unique bodywork sequence that stands on its own as an independent course and may be taken without pursuing certification. The four bodywork flows join together as a complete toolkit for the holistic practitioner.

A positive and empowering experience. I learned that I have more to give than I thought, and that giving does not equal being exhausted or depleted. In fact, it can be downright energizing! Debra Siegal, Brooklyn NY

Basic Intensive Courses (may be taken in any order)

Certification Requirements

  • Take any two of the four basic courses and receive Level I Certification
  • Take any three courses and receive Level II Certification
  • Take four and receive Level III Certification

ADVANCED CERTIFICATION – Level IV and Level V Certification

Thai-Shiatsu Bodywork (TSB) weaves theory and practice into an integrated whole, providing the practitioner with a solid foundation in Asian bodywork. Each intensive course offers a unique 1½ hour bodywork routine. Courses may be taken in group programs, or privately, in personalized sessions, at our studio in Lenox, MA, 4 minutes from Kripalu.

Basic certification requires 25-30 minimum instructional contact hours and 5 documented practice sessions (approx. 8-10 practice hours) in giving TSB for each intensive course.

Level I certification requirements include 50-60 minimum instructional contact hours, 10 minimum documented practice sessions, and a supervised bodywork session both giving to, and receiving from, a Thai-Shiatsu Bodywork mentor (total hours for courses, practice and supervised session 60-70 hrs). Courses and documentation are to be completed within two years from the date of the initial